Battle of the Rose’s

I managed to crack my way out of bed today at 9.20 after being awake since 6.45…

It was a particularly difficult morning as I need a new mattress, this one has become too soft and I sink into it, allowing my bones to get really set in a position they like… this meaning a longer time to crack them into being moveable again.. But it is what it is…

So after gingerly making my way downstairs, I put on the coffee machine ( thanks to my daughter who got this for my birthday recently) and wait before venturing into the garden, to sit in fresh air ( which is my one true pleasure).

However whilst sitting I have noticed my Rose’s ( Which are all in terracotta pots, as I used to move them round the garden) all look very sad.. I then realised, this is the 4th year I havent re-potted them or refreshed the soil..

Now I feel bad, as they are beautiful.. 3 of whom were created from snapped of pieces of Rose’s I saw in my travels and were planted with the stalk in a potato ( old fashioned way of growing-on Rose’s which works).

I know I need to help them, but I also know its going to give “The Battle of The Roses” a whole new meaning…

So I’m sipping my coffee, sitting with my Cat, staring at the pots…..

Let Battle commence!

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