It’s the little thing’s…

These thing’s really hurt. (Not just physically, but emotionally and perpetually).

  • Washing up, which becomes too painful to do ..
  • Bending down to put washing in the machine, in front of someone, so you push your body to do it “normally” then go to the loo and cry.
  • Speaking on the phone, absolutely fine, to a person who will never know you are day 3 in pyjamas, greasy haired and with at least 30 paracetamol from This 3 day flare , rolling around in your stomach.
  • Watching as your kids / friends stride ahead in the supermarket, so you pretend you are stopping and looking at items, when all that’s happening is your joints are screaming at you to lay down NOW!
  • Eating a gorgeous dinner, then spending 20 mins in the bathroom with wracking pain..
  • Wanting to type things bit fingers and thumbs burning at the joints. So hve to use speech software, which although good does somtimes get it seriously wrong.
  • Hearing the rain, knowing my daughters have to walk to the bus stop, wanting to get up to deop them, but cant because its taking forever to crack out of bed this morning.

It’s going to be one of those days!

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