I dont think I’m alone in this… I believe us spoonies sometimes feel this way, but can’t say anything.

(Mainly because we are very guarded over what we tell people, so as not to give them another “out” for our behaviour”).

Sometimes I hate waking up, I want to stay dreaming.

This is not because I am dreaming of a romance with a film star, or of living in a huge mansion etc etc

It’s because in my dreams I am 99% of the time, Ok…

By Ok, I mean myself before I ghosted…

I walk, run, laugh etc just like I did before this illness took away the fun me and replaced it with this angry, fed-up, immobile blob..

Yep today I woke up from a dream where I was just driving my car, had pulled over in a lay by and was getting out..

No cracking, no aches, no widancing, no gritted teeth…

I just got out of my car…

It was amazing.

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