Sad spoonie this evening

Do you ever feel like things are just an endless circle of hills?

I feel like I get over one bump only to be presented with another.

In the last 6 weeks, Ive had a really good friend go rogue (Long story), A sponsor pull out of an event which caused mega headaches, a dodgy mammogram which ended up in a hospital stay & a lump removal, an eye test, which resulted in being told I have early stage macular degeneration & the ophthalmologist will let me GP know (great), my mothers dementia is progressing at an alarming & often sob inducing rate & my dog (my best friend of 13 years) has had a stroke.

It’s almost as if everything I do to try & make the world a better place – just makes no bloody difference at all…

There’s still no respite from the crap that I face & so by default, others must be facing also.

My hands are sore, my head aches & my legs feel like jelly most days (painful jelly) & yet I still refuse to lie down & give in…

BUT I think I’m nearing the end of this game, It’s just not fun anymore!

Sad Spoonie this evening!

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