I’ve tried so hard to be positive and “chipper: throughout this Fibro journey, but sometimes it just gets so damn hard!

Typically around Christmas and New Year, when others are planning and partying, I’m taking tablets, worrying, trying to make sure I dont let people down.

This year though, a month or so before New Year, I arranged a 3 day break away at a spa hotel, i saved like a mad woman and was looking forward to just resting and relaxing. I need that! BUT along came Laryngitis, chest infection and costocondritis. And i was side swiped all over December.

The person I was going away with quite rightly decided the trip probably wasnt the right thing to do and so right up to New Years Eve, I didn’t have any plans..

Mainly because I knew I’d probably flake any party, or fail any event..

So very depressing.

Luckily I have some great friends, many of whom messaged me loads over the Christmas – New Year break ( I cant really talk still, week 4).

So into 2020 I’m going to make a concerted effort to bring more awareness to Fibromyalgia, its associated illnesses and the horrific effects it can have on a life.

In the meantime – I truly wish my spoonie brothers and sisters a better 2020 than all the previous years before x x I’m gonna push push push for recognition of this illness and research into the whys and the cure for us all x x x

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